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Digital Content Creator, videographer and editor with experience in filming Online Content, adverts, corporate, B2B and live entertainment.

Highly experienced in the film industry. With his own equipment.

Highly proficient editor, sound designer and colour grader. Is also he has experience in still photography.

Santos Soto tells stories that connect and engage with people. Creating videos is his passion and craft. This passion is reflected in his work and the quality of his creations. He invokes the audience’s feelings. Because that is the real goal of this art.

To make the audience not only see but to feel. That emotion will make its mark on their minds and you or your brand can be part of it.

He analyses trends and data to create the best strategy for your business because a great video without distribution gives zero results and also adapt to your budget to give you the best deal.

He gives his 100% to achieve the best results possible because HE LOVES VIDEOGRAPHY.

Passion for the image, obsession for the story.

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